November 21, 2019


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Vernon Boisseau Marketing

375 Park Avenue New York, NY 10152


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Vernon Boisseau Bio

Credentials and Successes

Vernon Boisseau, current co-founder of The Beat 139 and CEO of Vernon Boisseau Marketing (VBM), has over twenty-five years of experience in building sales and creating businesses from the ground-up in several industries, including fitness/ sports, beauty, and entertainment. Mr. Boisseau is a self-made entrepreneur, learning and growing his successes through courage, trial and error, and a belief in himself and the teams he develops. Born and raised in Harlem, New York, he learned early that the best way to make it in this world is through ingenuity, mastery, and blood, sweat and tears, He has always capitalized on his charisma, innate understanding of marketing, and ability to connect with people in an authentic way. These traits have brought him continued success.

Initial Endeavors

In his early years he rubbed shoulders and grew friendships with some of New York’s greats of the time, including Jodeci, Heavy D, Tupaq, Biggie, Puff Daddy and Bad Boy Entertainment, JayZ, LL Cool J, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, Queen Latifah, and Treach of Naughty by Nature, just to name a few. Through these encounters and relationships he was able to build connections which gave him the ability to branch out on his first business venture. He opened a unisex beauty salon, Cuts Galore, Inc., in 1992 which employed 22 salon specialists and brought him his initial six figure income. He quickly learned the value of exposure and marketing, growing his salon brand through flyers, business cards, and posters way before the days of social media. His salon was highlighted in the Black Expo event at the Jacob Javits Center every year and through creative marketing techniques, including onsite beauty services for attendees, he was able to garner the attention of television media which allowed his business to explode!

Always ready for the next challenge and a true believer that diversification is the key to life’s success, he took on another venture in 1995 when he started his entertainment business, Kick Bak Entertainment, LLC. Prior to Facebook and Instagram, Mr. Boisseau entered the MySpace arena and was able to secure three highly talented artists, Sebastian Mego, Tennstacks, and Lavelle Evans. He managed their careers from the beginning and each found their own successes while under his wing. Sebastian secured a deal with Clive Davis and gained mentorship with Stevie Wonder. Lavelle secured a place in the Cool and the Gang franchise as a background singer. While Tennstacks went independent grossing sales through Apple Itunes and Amazon.

Looking towards the next business challenge and wanting to share his passion for physical and mental well-being and self-care, Mr. Boisseau became a Master Trainer in the fitness industry and took this newly gained certification all the way. Starting as an employee at Health and Racquet Club and New York Sports Club, Mr. Boisseau used his keen experiential learning techniques to become proficient in the business of health club administration. This would lead him to an entrepreneurial venture as a silent partner at X93 Fitness, a small boutique city gym

offering tailored personal training to the community of the Upper Westside. It was through this enterprise that Mr. Boisseau began to see the power of social media in building brand and

marketing services. He and his partner were able to secure and retain a clientele that provided them with over a half million in revenue a year.

As Mr. Boisseau’s successes continued to grow, he became a mentor and confidante to other small business owners who looked to him for guidance and advice. When approached by a local business owner who was struggling to fill his wine bar on Friday nights, Mr. Boisseau quickly visioned this challenge into an additional business opportunity for himself. Due to his ability to connect in meaningful ways with a diverse group of clients and colleagues over his years in NYC, he had a nice rolodex of potential clients to transition into customers as a promoter for after work events at this bar and several other bars in the Upper Westside area. It is through this business endeavor that Mr. Boisseau’s expertise and experience truly took off in the areas of how to best create a brand, market that brand, and use social media to create capital.

Recent Accomplishments

Mr. Boisseau’s professional journey has been a series of doors opening to him at the right moment and, most importantly, him being open and willing to take risks when these doors presented themselves. Each of these life experiences has built on the next in an organic and natural way that he believes is the working of a higher power than himself. So, when he was approached by his long-time friend and fellow entrepreneur Kareem Louallen to join him to grow something from nothing one more time, he knew that this was his next calling and ran at it full speed ahead.

Over the past two years, Mr. Boisseau and Mr. Louallen have used the power of social media, initially Facebook and Instagram and now YouTube, to launch The Beat 139 which is the #1 podcast in Harlem. With a single video generating over 263K views, The Beat 139 YouTube channel has over 6,000 subscribers and 1M views and counting.

In the first year of business they were targeted and intentional in how they built content and grew the brand from the ground-up. They experimented in different mediums including a podcast show highlighting over 100 guests from various walks of life, a weekly show on MNN creating visibility for up and coming entrepreneurs, the production of a marketing video for Harlem American, media coverage of events such as the African American Day Parade , Harlem Eat Up, and Harlem Week, and a showcase series of music and comedian acts at the unique, progressive and truly experiential, MIST Harlem. All the while taking their time to give back to the community through by garnering donations of toys, coats, and school supplies to be distributed to those in the most need.

Now in their second year of business, The Beat 139 has been honored by Harlem Honors (2019), recognizing Harlem’s most influential and successful individuals for their commitment and interest in youth, education and the social and economic needs in Harlem, as well as by Bright Future Daycare at Beechtown Youth Center for their generosity and donations to kids with autism. They have been highlighted in Urban Life News Magazine (Issue 7) for their altruistic activities. They have hosted over 250 guests, ranging in age from 12yo to 60yo, and traveling to share their thoughts and life stories from as close as Harlem and as far away as London. The future is bright for The Beat 139 as they look to find more ways to get their content out into the mainstream to ensure that their guests have the most exposure possible, always with an eye towards giving back and promoting the successes of others.

Vernon Boisseau Marketing (VBM)

VBM was just the logical next step in Mr. Boisseau’s portfolio of entrepreneurial adventures. After providing guidance, mentorship, assistance, and free services in the area of marketing and branding to so many of the people who have crossed his path, Mr. Boisseau realized the Lord was guiding him to use his innate talents and genuine expertise to start a branding and marketing business that could generate revenue for him and allow him to continue to help those with this basic need for exposure.

Let VBM take your organization, business, or career to the next level and work with a man who is one of the most driven, open-minded, hard-working, professionals and self-taught branding and marketing experts in the field. Watch as Mr. Boisseau takes your business and grows it with just as much heart and passion as the projects he has built for himself. His strategic and measured approach will grow your vision into profits and allow you to make your mark in whatever industry you choose!